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8 Reasons to Become a Primary-Care Physician

8 Reasons to Become a Primary-Care Physician

  • ©Irina Braga/Shutterstock.com
    ©Irina Braga/Shutterstock.com

As the nation faces a shortage of primary-care physicians in the coming years, there are many reasons for young physicians to consider this profession — from personal fulfillment to compensation. Here, both medical students and family physicians weigh in on what drew them to primary care.

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Physicians Practice


Overwhelming regulation and paper work. Ever increasing demands, i.e. Ever decreasing reimbursements equals higher patient volumes. If an emploied model, increasing productivity demands ( RVU's) for less salary. EMR that slows down and robs productivity. Patient satisfaction scores that are tied to salary. I could continue. Medicine in general is screwed up. Physicians lost control decades ago. We are told what to do, when to do it, and how much we will get paid. Imagine sitting across a table from a snot nosed newly minted MBA or MHA/CFO who is convinced they have it all figured out. They will tell you how to practice as if you are the moron. Primary care?! Health Care in general?! Totally screwed!!

William @

Decreasing reimbursements, overwhelming debt
Increasing regulatory requirements,
PCMH, CCM, MU (for a while)
Patients' sense of entitlement and disrespect, threats to sue you if you don't give them narcotics
or marijuana (in those 20 states). I you live in WA or CO they demand prescriptions, so that
they don't have to pay the tax on it.
Insurance companies
Hostile hospital takeovers of practices, DME suppliers

And when the rest of the doctors my age retire and there is no one to replace them, when swelling electioneering patient entitlements and 'recognition/quality' programs (e.g. PCMH) require clinical inefficiencies degrading already deplorable physician work/life balance, you will see . . . . the kind of health care I saw in Tibet.

Cephus @


Joyce @

Glad there is someone who feels that way because I would want nothing to do with being a primary care physician these days

James @


Joyce @

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