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Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

A certified PA's own experience as a patient offers reminders and insights on how to better serve patients.

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Why go into primary care? Physicians and medical students have their own reasons and share with us why it's a viable area of medicine.

More than half of the respondents said they spend less time with patients now than when they started their career, according to new study.


This physician says the EHR can be both a source of burnout and frustration as well as a tool that improves work-life balance. Here's how.

In our recurring blog "Inbox" we share comments from physicians and practice administrators telling us what keeps them awake at night.


Lunch is an important time of day for physicians; giving them a short respite from patient care. Don't be tempted to use it to catch up on patient care.

Helping others outside the work environment can often invigorate overworked physicians. Volunteering is a perfect way to do that.


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