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Physicians, Administrators Share 2016 Resolutions

Physicians, Administrators Share 2016 Resolutions

  • "I am resolving to become more efficient at charting (while not compromising quality). I'm tired of spending my time after clinic and on weekends catching up on charts!" Mark Birmingham, DPM, a Colorado-based podiatrist
  • "I resolve to fight each and every underpayment and illogical denial from an insurance company no matter how small!" Leann DiDomenico McAllister, Massachusetts-based practice administrator
  • "My New Year's resolution is to meditate more regularly, and wake up earlier during the week to get more completed before my day starts." Elizabeth Seymour, MD, Texas-based family physician
  • "I have always found it difficult to be on time. My New Year's resolution is to be on time (or even early) for both personal and professional obligations." Jennifer Frank, MD, a Wisconsin-based family physician
  • "I don't make resolutions per se. Instead in December, I think about one word that I want to focus on during the next year. Each day I think about that word, what it means to me personally, and how I might need to use it during that day. Each year is a different word and addresses particular areas of improvement I need to work on. It's a little different but I've had good success with it. It's simple yet challenging. David Norris, MD, a Kansas-based anesthesiologist
  • "Regarding my medical practice, my plan is to reach more physicians and help them grow into strong physician leaders." David Norris, MD
  • "My resolutions would be finding a better balance between work and home by transferring more responsibility and patient care to my physician assistant — not overcommitting myself. Also, finishing my PCMH certification." Deborah Winiger, MD, an Illinois-based solo family physician
  • "I resolve not to start any new projects until there is a good chance that I will be able to follow through and complete them in a timely manner." Donald Stewart, MD, a Washington-based family physician
  • "I resolve to become more active with my local and state medical societies to help physicians have a united voice in shaping public policy." Terence R. McAllister, MD, a Massachusetts-based primary-care physician
  • "I resolve to remember that my patients are not my children. I can advise and educate, but should not be upset when they make decisions I don't agree with." Melissa Young, MD, a New Jersey-based endocrinologist

It is a mad rush to finish out the old year and ring in the new. But, physicians should take a minute and examine their challenges and hopes for the new year. Here are our physicians New Year Resolutions for 2016. Auld lang syne!

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