Author | Lucien Roberts


Managing your payer mix to improve your bottom line

August 07, 2019


Payers don’t dole out equal pay for equal work, so it benefits your physician practice to understand who pays what (so you can negotiate more).

Seven tips for faster credentialing

January 02, 2019


Credentialing a new provider is a tedious and slow process in which every false step or delay can cost you money. These seven tips can expedite the process.

Five reasons to say no to payer contracts

November 07, 2018


A payer contract is more than a mere fee schedule. There are several other factors to consider when deciding to keep or terminate a payer contract.

5 Lessons from a Patient Portal Hiatus

February 07, 2018


It took a two-year, frustration-induced hiatus from pushing a portal to his patients, but this admin finally understands their use.