Medical Billing & Collections

5 ways to keep your credit healthy throughout COVID19

June 22, 2020

Maximize your ability to thrive as a professional.

Q&A: Medicare screening changes and new E/M service codes

March 06, 2020

Why has Medicare separated depression and alcohol screenings, and will patients incur cost-sharing with new patient portal E&M codes?

Q&A: Chronic Care management and consult requirements

February 07, 2020

Documents required for Chronic Care management code 99490 and fulfilling the consult requirement.

Annual wellness visit vs health risk assessment: Understanding the differences

January 22, 2020

Despite crossover in forms, both represent different things.

Non-physician provider use of E&M codes

January 15, 2020

Practices are using E&M codes to bill for non-physician educational visits, but is this ok?

8 Patient Collection Mistakes to Avoid

December 05, 2019

Medical practices are struggling to collect patient accounts while honoring payer contracts. Here's what not to do.

6 tips to boost billing and collections

November 04, 2019

Here are six resolutions that can improve your billing and collections in 2020.

The benefits and challenges of price transparency

October 11, 2019

Helping your patients avoid sticker shock can benefit your practice - but sharing your rates is not as simple as it sounds.