The 2018 Tax Reform Bill: What Anesthesiologists Need to Know

Back in December, Congress passed a new tax bill that has been touted "the most sweeping tax overhaul in 31 years." Navigating the 600-page bill is an incredibly daunting task (not to mention a time-consuming waste of time), so we summarized everything you need to know about:

Personal Taxes:

  • New tax brackets
  • Personal itemized deductions
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Other Credits and exemptions

Business Taxes:

  • Filing as a C corp
  • Filling as a pass-through entity
  • Understanding the 20% pass-through deduction
  • Qualified business income (QBI)
  • Other business expenditures

Download our 2018 Tax Reform eBook to learn everything that you need to know about filing your taxes next year as an anesthesiologist.

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