Tips to Gain Patient Referrals

August 27, 2017

Patient referrals can improve your work atmosphere as well as your bottom line. Here are some tips for gaining patient referrals.

Referral management is an effective technique for a physician to grow their practice. A strong referral network helps you grow and sustain your revenue stream. Beyond paid ads and emails, establishing a referral network is something that can offer your practice exponential growth.

Building patient referrals requires time, not money. Here are some ways to help you get more patient referrals.

Have a strong online presence

After being referred, potential patients will search you online. Thus, building a strong online reputation is imperative. For this, you should have an interactive website and presence on major review sites with positive reviews of your practice. Your practice should be visible on Google Maps with accurate contact details.

Make use of a blog to get traffic to your website. Blogs can help you to talk about yourself and present your personable side for establishing better bonding with your patients.

Thank referrers

You should know who is referring your practice and where they are coming from. If it's an existing patient, thank them and offer referral benefits such as no waiting for an appointment, free service, etc. If it's a fellow doctor, remember to connect with them and thank them. Gratitude will motivate your colleagues and patients to refer you more often.

Thank you messages can be sent via email, text, call, or a handwritten note.

Train your staff

Since your staff are the first to communicate with the patients entering your practice, you have to train them on how to treat the patients for a memorable experience that motivates them to refer your business. To create a memorable experience, staff should pay close attention the concerns and queries of patients and proactively come up with solutions. Thank patients for their feedback.


After inpatient care, patients often require follow-up calls, texts, or emails. This makes them feel important and improves their patient experience. Such a gesture helps patients remember you and they love to share these stories with their friends and family.

Be the expert

You need to become the expert of your practice. Make people discuss you, visit you, and consult you. For this, you need to organize health camps in your community on general health issues or participate in engagement programs in nearby hospitals.

Befriend fellow doctors

Contact the new doctors in your area and welcome them. Establish relationships and fill them in on the services your practice provides. This will reap good results in the long run as the doctors will trust you and refer you to their patients.

All of these steps can help you get more patients to your practice. Keep in mind to avoid mistakes like not monitoring your patient's satisfaction or falling victim to poor communication. Even if you are doing amazingly well as a practitioner, it's important to build good relationships with your patients and get more referrals because the competition is getting tougher every day.