Transparency in Anesthesiology Billing

Evaluating the performance of a current or prospective billing company is nearly impossible for most anesthesiologists. The truth is, medical billing isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a commodity product either. As a result, most anesthesiologists collect less than they are entitled to receive for their services because the billing and collections process in America is fundamentally broken. And to make matters worse, very few billing companies have the commitment, or infrastructure in place, to correct this.

Too many anesthesiologists are being taken advantage of by both the impersonal behemoths of the industry and smaller “discount” billing companies. These companies bill the easy money and leave the rest- up to 5-15% of the collectible total-on the table. That’s your money they aren’t collecting.

Here's everything you need to know to evaluate your billing company and understand if you're missing a significant portion of your potential earnings.

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