Why Patient-Centered RCM: 6 RCM Trends Affecting Medical Offices & Patients [eBook]

As patient responsibility increases, medical offices must reevaluate their RCM processes that have previously been heavily focused on commercial payers. With patients as the new major payer in healthcare, traditional approaches to patient payments won’t yield the results healthcare leaders need to produce in order to maintain and build the financial health of medical practices. Patients want to interact with their healthcare providers in the same way they interact with consumer industries, looking for convenience, self-service, and mobile access. This eBook examines new data from a survey of healthcare leaders across varying specialties and identifies current RCM challenges, how technology is being used to help, and where there are still gaps.

Download a free copy of the eBook to learn:

  • The six major trends emerging from the survey data and how they are affecting medical practices and their patients
  • Which healthIT strategies are being used by leaders in today’s new payer environment and where there are opportunities for improvement
  • What patient-centered engagement looks like in the RCM space and why it’s important
  • How patient expectations are changing as they become the new major payer in healthcare and what this means for practices

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