Why Your Patients Are Shopping for Healthcare and Leaving Your Practice

Your patients have lost patience with healthcare and here's what they're doing about it:

CVS's MinuteClinics will generate Millions of Dollars in New Revenue for the drugstore giant. Where do you think those millions are coming from? Revenues from telehealth are projected to exceed $16.7 billion by 2025. Will those dollars come from hospitals or clinics? The Internet has empowered communities to take care of themselves. That means less trips to the doctor. The online healthcare supply market exceeded $2 billion in 2017. Besides healhcare providers, who else is buying supplies in an increasing amount? Essential oils and other alternative medicine steers patients away from the doctor's office at the tune of $4.74 billion. What percentage of those billions comes from dollars that would have been spent on a visit to the doctor?

More often than ever before, healthcare customers are skipping the ride to their doctors’ offices and taking matters into their own hands.

Bob Hooey is credited with having said, “If you’re not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” Regardless of how busy you may be today, that busyness does not change the fact that social change has seeped into every aspect of your practice. Reacting only after these social changes begin to adversely affect your practice would place you in a position of catch up, which is where no successful organization wants to be.

What should your practice be doing?

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