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Meaningful Use Stage 2 Crib Sheet

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Crib Sheet

By now, you've likely seen the Stage 2 regulations for CMS' EHR Incentive Programs — but do you fully understand them? Are you a little overwhelmed with the increased percentages in the core measures to meet and the tasks to perform?

We asked Rosemarie Nelson, a healthcare consultant with the Medical Group Management Association, to get to the bottom of the 17 core measures you'll have to meet. Her "What It Means" analysis for each measure gets through the government-speak and tells you what to do — and how to do it.

You can also check out Nelson's breakdown of the Stage 1 regulations for a refresher.

Stage 2 Core Measures


Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for medication orders





Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (e-Rx)





Record demographics





Record vital signs





Record smoking status





Report ambulatory clinical quality measures





Incorporate clinical lab results





Detail specific patient conditions





Patient reminders





Patient access to health information





Provide clinical summaries to patients





Provide patient-specific educational resources





Transitions of care





Provide summary of care records





Provide immunization data





Protect electronic health information





Secure messaging to patients





Rosemarie Nelson is principal consultant for the Medical Group Management Association Health Care Consulting Group. She conducts educational seminars and provides keynote speeches on a variety of healthcare technology and operational topics. She has authored numerous articles on practice management issues, and her seminar presentations and publications have been well-received by physicians, administrators, office managers and staff throughout the country. Nelson can be reached at www.mgma.com/consulting/nelson.

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