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Great American Physician Survey

Docs are Disillusioned

This year's Great American Physician Survey reveals that physicians are not happy with the direction healthcare is headed and fewer of them would recommend this career path. They also hand out grades to the Trump administration, reveal their health policy wish list, and more!

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Great American Physician Survey


Readers weigh-in on how they would change healthcare including removing the government and insurances companies from the picture.

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As part of our annual Great American Physician Survey, we asked physicians about the healthcare issues worrying them the most.


More than 40 percent of physicians give the Trump administration an “F” in healthcare thus far. What has led to these tough grades?


Part-time employment can afford physicians greater work-life balance and a reprieve from burnout. Here's how to successfully transition.

Physicians continue to be bothered by government regulations and third-party interference; many give Trump administration an F thus far.

If you're starting to feel physically ill over the 2016 Presidential election and are worried about who will win, one physician knows what you have.

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton? Many physicians are having a hard time picking either and healthcare isn't the reason why.


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