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Fiercely Independent

Small, independent medical practices are struggling to thrive alongside larger networks; here's what they can do about it.


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What does a primary-care physician actually do? Dr. Linda Girgis breaks it down what she and other PCPs do and what they don't do.


Knowing how to evaluate a practice manager is vital to your success. Here are 36 specific guidelines that can be used.


One doctor shares her problems with insurance companies making time-consuming, non-reimbursed checklist requests of physicians.


It's important to give everyone in your practice a thorough performance review, every year. Why, though, does it feel like such a chore?


The 2016 Great American Physician Survey tells us that physicians still like being physicians, even if the job is more stressful and less lucrative.


One doctor explains why the 15-minute doctor's appointment is unrealistic when it comes to delivering care for patients.

The Great American Physician Survey reveals that doctors find their profession more stressful and less lucrative than in the past.


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