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Fiercely Independent

Small, independent medical practices are struggling to thrive alongside larger networks; here's what they can do about it.


We crunched the data and ranked each of the 50 states to help you find your next practice home.

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When it comes to improving diagnosis in healthcare, the importance of scientific thinking must be stressed. It doesn’t take magic.


One blogger looks at the problem of a practice being understaffed and how to solve that issue through basic arithmetic.

Here are three things St. Luke's Medical Group in Kansas learned about becoming a PCMH they'd advise others to keep in mind.

Strategy is not just a document that is written and then filed away. To succeed, the whole practice must engage with it and live and breathe it.


The study of Semiotics can be used to help us better understand and use technology to its fullest promise, rather than the evils that it may produce.

Interacting with new staff both inside and outside of work can create some truly dynamic teamwork.


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