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Fiercely Independent

Small, independent medical practices are struggling to thrive alongside larger networks; here's what they can do about it.


M. Samir Qamar, MD

M. Samir Qamar, a family medicine physician, made the switch to direct primary care a few years back and hasn't looked back. He explains why he loves it.


Don't just hold a meeting with your staff members for the sake of holding a meeting. Here are tips to make sure the meetings are productive.

In our hectic, rush-rush world, it seems as if taking on one more task won't be of any harm. As a daily practice, however, it begins to wear on us.


How are the opioid epidemic and the rising rates of physician burnout linked? Also, how much more do white male doctors earn than their peers?

Mary Christ, MD, MBA

Burnout and McDonald's popular burger are a lot like — in that both can be avoided if you don't succumb to the temptation. Here's how.


One medical group in Massachusetts learned the power of using medical assistants to improve quality of care.


In the rush to innovate, practices cannot forget to document their current work flows. Otherwise, they may replicate broken processes.


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