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2015 Technology Survey Results

2015 Technology Survey Results

Practices have significantly increased technology use over the past few years, but many are struggling to incorporate it into their everyday work flows, according to our 2015 Technology Survey Sponsored by Kareo.

While most survey respondents said they are using an EHR, they also said their productivity is suffering as a result; and while more than half said they have implemented a patient portal, they also said they are struggling to get patients to use it.

Here are the results from our survey on these questions and others, featuring replies from more than 1,100 medical practices on their use of EHRs, patient portals, and other tech tools.

* To find out more about the most common technology challenges that beleaguer practices read "Solving Medical Practice Problems Post-Tech Adoption."

To view a PDF file of the slideshow, click here.

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Good. Maybe too small practices answering and few hospitals.

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