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12 Ways to Improve Patient Portal Usage

12 Ways to Improve Patient Portal Usage

In the era of Internet shopping, online banking, and airline check-in apps, it should come as no surprise that the future of health information is being forged online. Patient portals can help patients take a more active role in their healthcare and control the way their information is managed.

Still many patients resist using an online portal, or abandon its use shortly after signing up. Fully transitioning to an online system implies letting go of old habits, both for practice staff members and for patients.  

Here are 12 ways to get patients to embrace patient portals.  


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Barbara @

Why force patients into technology they don't want no tcneed. We are the doctors. I don't go to a mechanic and tell him how to fix my car. Patients shouldn't go to doctors and tell them how they want to be fixed! Amoxil does not cure everything. If you let patients decide their treatment it will only be what a relative or Good Housekeeping Magazine says and there is always Dr.Oz

Barbara @

Cannot open the slide show or to get a PDF version

Charles @

5 different doctors, 5 different portals no thanks! Need one portal for everything.

Cynthia @

Yes, definitely! Until a patient can use ONE portal with ONE login, use will be low. For healthy patients with only a PCP, a portal works. Add multiple specialists, especially with the elderly, and the numerous portals with different logins and passwords become useless.

Barbara @

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