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Measure Your Medical Practice Staff Tech Skills

Measure Your Medical Practice Staff Tech Skills

Before you begin training staff to use a new EHR or practice management system, it's a good idea to assess their overall comfort level and experience with using technology. Staff members with low computer literacy should receive basic skills training so they can take full advantage of vendor training during implementation. Without that foundation, they may feel lost and never achieve true proficiency with the new system, experts say. Here is a basic skills assessment survey recommended by CMS. Employees are instructed to indicate how familiar they are with various tasks or skills on a scale from 1 (no experience) to 5 (very comfortable).

Desktop skills:

Safely turn computer on and off

Restart your computer if it becomes locked

Open a program using the Start menu

Name the basic computer system parts

Explain the terms: icon, menu, window, click, select, drag

Use scroll bars and move, resize, and close windows

Use help screens in the software programs

Navigate among folders, create, name, and delete folders

Copy or move a file from one folder to another

Cut or copy and paste text

Internet skills

Use a Web browser

Recognize a URL

Explain the terms ISP, website, home page, search engine

Type a URL in an open box

Use back and forward buttons to move through Web pages

Create a bookmark

Locate and click on links

Use a search engine

Print a Web page

For more assessment tools to download, visit bit.ly/EHR-adoption-tips.

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