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Deborah Winiger, MD

Deborah Winiger, MD

Deborah Winiger, MD, practices family medicine at North Suburban Family Healthcare in Vernon Hill, Ill., and is a member of the Physicians Practice Physician Advisory Board.



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A lot stands in the way of a strong patient-doctor relationship these days, specifically the cost of care. But physicians must remain committed.

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Next year will be a challenging one for physicians for many reasons. This doctor is looking to survive in the new era of medicine.

I’m proud that a lot of my staff members have been with me for more than 12 of my 15 years in solo practice. Here’s how I keep them with me.

In this era of added administrative work, it’s important to slow down and listen to your patients. That’s the key to retaining them.

It has been six months since what was supposed to be a disastrous change to ICD 10 occurred.

Deborah Winiger, MD, says spending time with patients, taking the time to listen, and building relationships are the best ways to prevent a lawsuit.

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