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Bob Keaveney

Bob Keaveney

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What is "big data" and how is it being deployed in American medical practices and health systems to improve the quality of care? This short video explains how physicians are already using data in their management of patients, and what health IT experts believe is likely to happen next.

Mobile healthcare technology is changing the meaning of the phrase "going to see the doctor." Learn what this technology is all about and how it will affect physicians like you.

After a foot injury landed me in an orthopedists’ office last year, I received a “robocall” call from the practice informing me of its new EHR.

The new rules for maintaining your board certification strike some aimed at keeping physicians in line.

Hospitals have quickly become physicians' dominant employer. Does independent practice have a future?

Relations between hospitals and physicians have never been especially warm. But the hospitals need your referrals and your patients need the services that hospitals provide. So how do you work together?

Describing his life of accomplishment, world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson advises setting distant goals and resolving to achieve them.

A healthy organization is crucial to success, but many practices are plagued by dysfunction.

At MGMA12 in San Antonio, Monday’s panelists discuss the changes to which physician practices and health systems must adapt.

In healthcare, size matters. That's always been true, but several factors are combining in many markets to accelerate the pace of provider group consolidation.


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