Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD helps protect a national client base of over 3,000 clients with nearly $6 billion in personal assets, including thousands of physicians of all types. The attorney speaks and writes on wealth preservation and asset protection nationally. E-mail him here.



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Many physicians travel and volunteer their services. However, if you plan to deduct your volunteer-related expenses, there are rules that you should know about.

One of the biggest challenges facing physicians in obtaining asset protection is selecting qualified counsel. Make sure you do your due diligence.

Asset protection is a vital part of every physician's essential legal and financial plan; unfortunately, most doctors don't know how to pick the right legal help.

Despite higher than average incomes and education one asset that physicians surprisingly often fail to protect is their credit.

Offshore or international asset protection trusts can be safe, predictable, and effective, under the right conditions for physicians.

Despite the wide range of risk and planning issues for physicians to consider, a certain core group of tools is almost universally applicable to all doctors.

You lock up your house and car each day, so be sure to do the same with your digital assets. Here are six tips to start employing today.

When it comes to asset protection, keeping investments "secret" does not benefit investors, and may even place them at risk of fraud.

Physicians' liability concerns go far beyond their practice. Traveling and teen drivers in particular pose some specific risks every doctor must be aware of.

Before you commit to a financial plan for your practice, carefully consider your specific risk exposures.


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