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Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD helps protect a national client base of over 4,500 clients with nearly $6 billion in personal assets, including thousands of physicians of all types. The attorney speaks and writes on wealth preservation and asset protection nationally. E-mail him here.



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Your holiday can turn south if you allow employees within your practice to defraud your business. Watch out for these schemes.

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Practice owners should be leery of potential financial fraud, which seems to peak at the end of the year. Here are some things to look out for.


Planning on having a holiday party over the next few months? Here is a ten-point checklist that should keep the party fun and liability free.


Certain events, as we’ve seen recently, can have an effect on the personal safety of doctors, as well as harm their business and personal assets.


Some year-end scams target doctors externally, while others are brought to them by would-be advisors. Here’s a look at both.


For physicians, the last quarter of the year means solicitations for tax and investment schemes. Here’s what you should know.


While there is no playbook for crisis management, here are three tips that will get you started if you are dealing with a situation in your practice.


As a doctor, your profession makes you more newsworthy and you are held to a higher standard. Not knowing this can cost you.

A common and recurring question I get from doctors is, "How many LLCs do I need?" The best answer requires a fact specific look at your assets.

Despite the challenges we currently face together as a nation, the U.S. offers physicians opportunities that are hard to duplicate anywhere else.


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