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Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD helps protect a national client base of over 4,500 clients with nearly $6 billion in personal assets, including thousands of physicians of all types. The attorney speaks and writes on wealth preservation and asset protection nationally. E-mail him here.



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A continued look at a two-physician couple and the multi-million dollar difference a complete risk-management planning update made to their family.


The next chapter in a physician couples' risk management overhaul sees them getting proper life and disability insurance.


Asset protection and risk management tips to help physicians stay up to date in an area where one misstep could prove costly.


The most advantageous part of asset protection is risk management, avoiding and limiting predictable risks before they happen.


Without asset protection, physicians face a litany of risks in both their personal and professional lives.

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Protecting your assets as a doctor often means thinking outside of the practice walls, where the things you work so hard for can be at risk.


Physicians, make sure to avoid these 12 scams when filing your taxes this year. Six make you the victim, six make you the criminal.


An asset protection plan can go horribly wrong for doctors if they are not well informed. Here are a few instances where this happened.


Always make sure you are covered for various liability insurance blind spots before they become an issue.


Here's a basic list of New Year resolutions doctors must address to ensure your assets are being protected in 2017 – both financial and otherwise.


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