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Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD

Ike Devji, JD helps protect a national client base of over 4,500 clients with nearly $6 billion in personal assets, including thousands of physicians of all types. The attorney speaks and writes on wealth preservation and asset protection nationally. E-mail him here.



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For doctors and their families, the time between Memorial Day to Labor Day can be dangerous as there is a spike in injuries, fatalities, and more.


What are some of the risk factors doctors face, both personal and professional, to protect their assets? Here are some potential ones.

Mixing secrecy, bad tax advice, and the wrong jurisdictions may prove financially fatal for American doctors who misuse offshore tools for tax evasion.

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With tax day coming up, here is a final look at tax-related exposures and scams that could harm physicians financially and legally.

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Common asset protection mistakes plague medical professionals, such as do it yourself strategies that lack any real defensive basis in the law.

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Physicians have many sources of exposure that require proactive risk management and asset protection planning. Remember, never act too late.


Physicians have to ensure they are not falling victim to two common types of financial fraud related to their credit.


Many practices fail to invest in insurance for the loss of an important employee or covering their business from disability


Don’t bring bad habits into 2016. In the New Year, identify the risks and solutions needed to make your practice financially better off.

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Having a proper plan in place to dispose of computer and electronic equipment will protect your New Year’s celebrations from getting ruined by a data breach.


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