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Welcome to Physicians Practice's blog, Practice Notes.

Here, you'll find news, tips, and advice from physicians, administrators, attorneys, health IT experts, and others looking to assist you in managing your medical practice posted daily.

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Doctors would love to treat disease and care for patients with the latest technology and medication. Too bad innovation is thwarted in healthcare.


Amplifying a practice's vision should be a key goal when developing any messaging strategy, yet many physicians struggle to do this.


Meetings can be a big part of success at a practice if done right. Here are some tips on holding a productive meeting at your practice.

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As part of healthcare teams, PAs can prevent morbidities, promote healthy lifestyles, and improve patients' overall health with preventative care.


The cost of doing business in healthcare continues to rise as reimbursements continue to drop. How do you keep your staff happy and feel like they are valued?


Every practice has them: disgruntled employees and patients. Here's how to handle their complaints and avoid lawsuits.


A new resolution from the AMA opposed independent practice by PAs, which is not something the profession is seeking.


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