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Eighteen Work-life Balance Tips for Physicians

Eighteen Work-life Balance Tips for Physicians

It's no secret that physicians have fast-paced, highly-stressful jobs. But you might be surprised at how big a toll that is taking on many of Physicians Practice's readers.

Nearly 70 percent of the 1,311 respondents to Physicians Practice's Great American Physician survey, Sponsored by Kareo, said they don't have as much perso nal time as they think they should.

In addition, 36 percent said they don't have time for leisurely activities outside of medicine, 46 percent said they don't get enough sleep, and about 50 percent said they don't exercise on a regular basis.

The full results from the 2014 Great American Physician Survey, Sponsored by Kareo, will be released in our September2014 print journal and online August 20.

If you are among this group of burned-out physicians, turning things around might seem like an impossible task. Yet experts say that's a misconception. Here are 20 small ways to improve your work-life balance.

To view the slides in PDF format, click here.

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