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Aubrey Westgate

Aubrey Westgate

Aubrey Westgate is senior editor at Physicians Practice, where she writes and edits for the journal and covers news for the blog. In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. Google +

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We asked physicians what they wish their staff members understood. Here's what they said.

Seven physicians finish the sentence, "If I could change anything about practicing medicine…"

Our 2015 Technology Survey Sponsored by Kareo reveals common challenges practices face after technology implementations. Here's what they are, and how to address them.

Doing your homework upfront may reduce the likelihood you'll experience challenges after implementing the new technology.

Seventeen percent of 2015Technology Survey respondents said dealing with communication work flow is their biggest patient portal challenge. Here's help.

Nine HIPAA missteps that experts say medical practices make every day.

Experts say there are common compliance misconceptions that are costing practices unnecessary time and resources.

Under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, patients can request a restriction on disclosure of PHI to a payer if they pay out of pocket, in full for a service.

We asked physicians to share their favorite tactics for rewarding and acknowledging their staff members. Here's what they said.

Surveys indicate that many physicians are lagging when it comes to fully utilizing mobile devices in patient care, but experts say that may change — soon.


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