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Stay HIPAA Compliant

Here are some basic HIPAA rules that you may be breaking every day.


Can a practice be TOO committed to HIPAA? In this case of this organization, the answer to that question might be a somewhat confusing yes.


Recent ransomware attacks and the Phase II Office for Civil Rights Audits underscore the importance of adequate policies and procedures.

One doctor has found a clever way to bypass HIPAA and allow patients to take selfies during their surgery. What's his secret?


HIPAA can be a headache for patients, too. Here are some things you can do to calm the waters when patients object to HIPAA restrictions.

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The ins and outs of when you can legally disclose patient information and when you can't aren't always obvious. Here's a little guidance.

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Does your collections agency have the specialized knowledge needed to get the most ROI on your delinquent accounts? Here are the seven questions to ask. [Sponsored]

©Fer Gregory/Shutterstock.com

Asset protection shouldn't just be limited to malpractice. Here's why you need to looking beyond just that one area.


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