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Stay HIPAA Compliant

Here are some basic HIPAA rules that you may be breaking every day.


Many physicians feel that useless chart documentation has grown to consume most of the patient visit, leaving little time for patient care.

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Practice owners should be leery of potential financial fraud, which seems to peak at the end of the year. Here are some things to look out for.


When it comes to HIPAA breaches, entity size does not matter. What matters is the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)’s oversight and compliance.

It’s important to not cut corners when assessing the cost of a new technology and forget about its potential security threats.


Two recent articles underscore the importance of cybersecurity across all facets of a physician’s practice and what questions should be asked.


Technology tools, like Apple’s ResearchKit, present exciting opportunities for healthcare, but they must be regulated to protect personal health data.


Physicians want access to patient data on the go, but practices need to have a secure BYOD policy. Here are a few steps to protect data within the EHR.


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