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7 Things Your Practice's Governance Agreement Must Include

7 Things Your Practice's Governance Agreement Must Include

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A governance agreement forms the foundation of how a practice's board of directors is comprised, how it makes decisions and operates, and how it maintains authority. An effective agreement can get a practice through a partner disagreement, financial crisis, legal issue, or natural disaster. It's a critical document no matter if your group has two or 200 physicians.

Most practice governance agreements fall short on detail. Often they contain just the legal statements about board size and voting that are required to file the organization's corporate documents. Add strength to yours by making sure it includes these seven essentials.

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Karen Zupko is president of KarenZupko & Associates, Inc., a practice management consulting and education firm that helps physicians increase revenue, optimize efficiency, reduce risk, and improve the patient experience. Her firm has worked with physicians for more than 30 years.

Michael R. Marks, MD, MBA is a senior KZA consultant with extensive leadership experience; as president of an orthopaedic group and as a hospital administrator in charge of a large, employed physician group. He provides advice on improving provider communication skills and enhancing patient safety.


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Thank you for these points. I am retired now but sure could have used them in my practice. I wish you could give a seminar to to medical students who are about to become Interns or Residents. These steps if presented early in our training will help us avoid a lot of heart ache and sleepless nights. It will also show us how to provide a better quality of health care to our patients.
Again thank you so very much for this vital information.
hCarles A. Woodridge MD, M.Divinity

Charles @

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