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Karen Zupko

Karen Zupko

Karen Zupko is a seasoned senior advisor who has been helping physicians to navigate America's healthcare system since 1974. Her perspective stems from more than 25 years of consulting, coaching, and training experience with physicians and those who manage them. Karen is a graduate of the University of Kansas and a Chicago native. You can contact her at kzupko@karenzupko.com.

Posts by Author

A governance agreement is necessary for practices with two physicians or 200 physicians. Here are the seven essentials of one.

Physicians are first concerned with treating patients. But they are also business owners. It is a mistake not to review potential areas of risk.

Great interview questions go beyond just asking about skill sets and previous job tasks. Here are eight that can single out stellar candidates.

A good vendor does more than just submit claims and hope for the best. Here are eight things you should expect from your medical billing service.

Patients nowadays will most likely search for a new physician online. Here's how to make sure they find great results about you and your practice.

Do you find your front-desk staff creating extra work for themselves when it comes to patient registration? Here are five ways technology can help.

Front-desk embezzlement schemes are typically the result of loose collection protocols and minimal oversight. Don't be caught lacking.

As anti-fraud efforts step up, there's little doubt that the OIG will be looking at your practice. Make sure your patient records accurately reflect physician services.

Many practices fail to appreciate the enormous value of strategic scheduling: a full schedule means a full day of revenue. Because even one missed patient makes a difference, we show you how to stack the deck in your favor.


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