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Nine Ways to Gather Great Patient Feedback

Nine Ways to Gather Great Patient Feedback

  • 9 Ways to Gather Useful Feedback from Patients
  • Ask for Online Ratings and Reviews
  • Provide a Feedback Opportunity at Check-Out and at Home
  • Conduct a Structured Interview
  • Standardize the Informal Patient Interview
  • Initiate Open-Ended Conversations
  • Know What You Will Do with the Data
  • Skillfully Handle Unconstructive Feedback or Complaining
  • Consider the Indirect Approach
  • Be Open to Input from Unexpected Sources

Collaboration, feedback loops, patient experts — terms like these are cropping up more and more in medicine.

Most recently, Internet-empowered patients have been banding together to make waves in the arenas of rare disease research, like patient-initiated studies on spontaneous coronary artery dissection; and to increase awareness of treatment options and guidelines, as is the case with patient-requested updates to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. 

Are physicians in private practice heeding the trend to listen to patients’ requests and recommendations?

If not, they should be. Gathering and valuing patient feedback can help improve the quality of care physicians provide, and it can make physicians aware of changes they can make to improve their practices.

Here are nine ways to gather great feedback from patients at your practice:

For a PDF of this slideshow, click here.

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