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2013 Physician Compensation Survey

2013 Physician Compensation Survey

Physicians Practice surveyed close to 1,500 physicians for its 2013 Physician Compensation Survey. For the first time, the survey acknowledged the shift from volume-based reimbursement to value-based reimbursement. To find out more read: "Maximizing Physician Compensation at Your Medical Practice."


Physicians Practice


Oops I meant ring charts rather than pie charts--in my comment below. The human interpretation problems with pie charts are actually magnified with ring charts. Humans compare quantities accurately only for length. We are not good at area comparisons or volume comparisons. It is for this reason that effective graphic displays of data eschew these types of charts except in very specialized conditions. Few and Tufte are excellent references for the visual display of data.

Nina @

Congratulations! This is one of the worst graphical displays of data I have recently seen. It breaks almost every single principle put forth by Stephen Few and Edward Tufte. I will be using it with my staff as an example of how not to present data graphically.
Specific problems:
1. use of pie charts (human perception does not accurately compare pie slices)
2. use of gratuitous three dimensions not required by data (human perceptual limitations)
3. use of legends requiring eye to move back and forth and brain to retain info while doing so
4. distracting chart junk (shadows, odd perspectives, overlapping, mis-alignments)
5. use of stacked bars etc. (perceptual problems)
5. single point data that does not show time trends (should be showing multiple past years at same time) for context
And to top it off, it is not easily printable with one click so one can pore over it and decipher it accurately
You could have saved some time and just published tables. It would have been easier to read and make sense of than this "display."

Nina @

I see no one bothers to survey Obstetricians and Gynecologists - they have been purged in the ACO system.

timothy @

We did get feedback from OB/GYN physicians, just not a large enough sample to share / that we thought was reliable data.

If you are interested, I'd be happy to share that information with you. Just e-mail me and let me know: keith.martin@ubm.com.


Keith L. Martin
Executive Editor
Physicians Practice

keithmartin @

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