Revenue Cycle Management

On the Lookout for Reimbursement Changes

Five ways your practice can better control its payer contracts — and boost reimbursement

PLUS: Full results of our 2014 Fee Schedule Survey

Revenue Cycle Management

Making a few simple changes to your cash-handling procedures can potentially save your practice thousands of dollars.

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Use the technology your practice likely already has to improve your patient collection rate.


RemitDATA's Aaron Hood explores the most common unexpected denials at practices nationwide, with a special focus on radiology.

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Communication is key as patients are more likely to take their financial obligations seriously when they have a strong relationship with the practice.

Payer rules are complex and constantly change, making them difficult to follow. Here's what your medical practice should watch out for.

Answers from our coding expert on questions regarding Level 4 documentation and RN reimbursement.

Five Reasons Your Staff Fails to Collect from Patients

Collecting from patients is vital to a practice's bottom line. But often, it is an inconsistent process, done poorly. Here's what you can do about it.


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