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Docs' Biggest Medical Regrets

We'd like to only remember the good things we've done in life and forget the bad, but that's not how our minds work. Everyone lives with a few regrets from their personal lives and careers. We asked a few doctors to share some of their biggest regrets in medicine.


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In the emerging world of team-based, patient-centered care, the medical assistant has an important role across the continuum of care.

Do you know if employee background checks are required under HIPAA? The answer is revealed in this article that covers analyzing your risk, implementing your policy, monitoring and auditing as well as ongoing risk management.

You are allowed to work remotely under HIPAA, however be sure you take the steps outlined in this article to ensure you are compliant with HIPAA security regulations.

Social media is an important part of any business today, but if you are a covered entity, you need to follow the rules or face thousands of dollars in HIPAA penalties.

TSI recognizes that every situation and every client requires and deserves a unique solution to their individual problems. We don’t treat clients as one-size-fits-all, so why would we treat payers any differently?

With more and more patients turning to the web to choose their doctor, it’s imperative that physicians create and implement a sound online marketing strategy.


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