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Medical billing in today's ever-changing reimbursement environment is tricky business—even for the most experienced office. Claims often slip through the cracks without producing either a payment or denial.

Case study: Mature, high-volume, 5-provider Dermatology practice in eastern CT shares their story with why they have stayed with ADP AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services for years.

How do you evaluate a billing service firm? What should you look for? What questions should you ask? How do you determine the "right fit" for your practice?

Case study: Busy, New Jersey ophthalmologist, in private practice for more than 27 years, shares his story about why he transitioned from handling billing inhouse to moving it outside with a third party billing service he could trust.

A financially stressed private practice physician faces three options today: Accept hospital employment, retire, or buckle down and figure out how to stay in private practice.

Working with a medical billing service may not be the right solution for every practice at every stage of their business, but for a newer practice building up patients or a mature practice dealing with staff turnover, a revenue management

Practice Management (PM) systems form the backbone of any medical practice, helping physicians and their staff manage appointments, keep track of patients, and perform medical billing.


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