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Sponsored Resources

The value of patient care is the single most important factor of success for healthcare organizations transitioning to value-based care.

Monitoring the status of active claims is important in keeping small issues from turning into costly denials.

Is your claims management solution making you do more work than necessary? Find out what it costs healthcare providers in the U.S. annually in wasted time and money because of inefficiencies in the claims process.

If we accept the premise that doctors and nurses are among the most well-intentioned people in society, we must also acknowledge that there is often a deep divide between these two communities of caregivers.

More children are being vaccinated against the human papilloma virus (HPV) – and protected for life against the cancers it causes – according to data from the athenahealth network.

Complaints about waiting for hours at primary care clinics and specialists’ offices fill internet forums and Yelp reviews. The problem is getting worse. Download now to get the data.

More providers than ever before are getting a full pass on pay-for-performance in 2018, and even those that are required to participate have a path that is only marginally more difficult than this year — and a far cry from what QPP would


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