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2017 Staff Salary Survey Results: Regional

2017 Staff Salary Survey Results: Regional

How do your staff salaries line up with other regions of the country? Our Staff Salary Survey had 1,082 respondents, and we broke that data down for a deeper comparison. Check out our regional data on key positions in medical practices broken out by years of experience.


The regions are represented as followed:

Northeast (CT, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, VT) 

Mid-Atlantic (DC, DE, KY, MD, NC, TN, VA, WV) 

Southeast (AL, FL, GA, MS, SC) 

South-Central (AR, LA, MO, OK, TX)

Plains & Rockies / North-Central (CO, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MT, NE, ND, OH, SD, UT, WY)

West (AZ, NV, NM, AK, CA, HI, OR, WA) 


Click here to download a PDF of this slideshow.

Physicians Practice


I need the most recent salary results for MRI, CT, XR, NM and US technologist for Dallas Fort Worth, and Central Texas (San Antonio, Austin).

Connie @

The RN and NP salaries are not even close in the West. RNs earn roughly $35-40k more and NPs $40-80k more than what is listed.

Gabe @

20 tears experience as Practice Administrator in Cardiology practice in Michigan

Susie @

In need of salary information for sonographer RTRM/RDMS please.

Kim @

Find it hard to believe AZ salaries would be compared with HI and CA.

Kim @

I was wondering if you could comment and give us data on practice managers for primary care and specialty practice, that would be much appreciated


These salaries are significantly lower than what is being paid in NJ.

Evan @

why does the billing manager salary decreased after 20 years for Northeast is this an error? I think the salary range is also very low I'm really not in agreement with this salary data.

michele @

I am looking for the salary data for Medical Office Managers in the East Tennessee Region. I have 6.5 yrs with our practice of four nephrologist, no mid-levels, supervising 11 employees.
Prior to this job I have 15 years' medical/dental office experience.
Thank you!
Donna Williams

Donna @

Not seeing these salaries. These statistics indicate both Registered Nurse and Billing Manager went down once there were 20+ years of experience. We have an inability to find qualified staff - trying to keep up with the changes in healthcare and more work per FTE, couldn't imagine how it would be if these numbers were true.

Alana @

Not seeing these salaries at all in the Southeast. These are lower than expected.

Daniel @

Do you have information for staff salaries that include Practice Managers?

Tammy @

I have noticed the yearly salaries have gone down in several of the categories for the North East after the first two years experience.
I believe these are reported salaries based on survey. My experience in Maine; new hires in some categories have been able to negotiate a higher wage depending on shortages and need. Unfortunately, they are starting at a higher wage than some of our more experienced staff resulting in an inequity. Some facilities also cap wages at 20 year mark and compensate them by bonus. Regardless our physician practices in my areas appear to be significantly below national and regional averages. Makes it difficult to recruit and retain qualified candidates and they are being asked to do more with less and less staff.

Donna @

Thank you Physicians Practice. It is not often a request is fulfilled.

Tricia @

The slides could definitely be helped by an explanation of what we are seeing. In reference to the previous comments about longevity and the percentages on the slide showing the whole United States.

Kim @

My comment above is referring to the chart for the Southeast.

Polly @

Interesting that the registered nurse salary goes up for the 11 to 20 years but is less for >20 years. Is this accurate? Does this mean that longevity in a nursing position is devalued after 20 years of service?

Polly @

That has to be an error.

John @

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