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Where is the money? For its annual compensation survey, Physicians Practice breaks down the compensation between employed physicians and practice owners.

No one said you have to love every aspect of where you live. Here are a few things our advisory board says could be improved in their state.

Here is an in-depth look at the top five and bottom five performing states in all Best States to Practice categories.

Why Mississippi, Texas, Alaska, California, and Arkansas stand above the rest in terms of being the "Best States to Practice."

8 Things to See and Do at MGMA17

Planning on heading to Anaheim for the annual Medical Group Management Association conference? Here are 8 items to put on your agenda.

You're granted one opportunity to change healthcare. What do you do?


Disappointed and angry patients are more likely to sue you for malpractice. Our advisory board shares tips on how to avoid this situation.

Tomorrow at 12pm EST, Physicians Practice will host its very first tweet chat on the staffing difficulties facing practices. We hope you join us!

Ever wonder how your staff salaries compare with other regions of the country? Check out our regional data on key positions in medical practices.

The biggest obstacle between you and your patients having an optimal relationship is potentially the words that come out of your mouth.


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