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Six Ways Physicians Can Find Free Time

Six Ways Physicians Can Find Free Time

Downtime is critical for maintaining the energy physicians need to endure their hectic schedules, but finding opportunities to recharge is a luxury few have. Fortunately, it is possible to expand free time by gathering small moments together. Before long, those moments will develop into large measures of extra time.

Here are six other ways to find more time to enjoy the things you love (or need) to do.

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Charles, you may want to try opening a different browser to download the PDF. If that doesn't work email me at erica.sprey@ubm.com and I will send you the PDF.

Erica @

A one payer system would increase my free time immensely ... Go Bernie!!!!!

k @

Nice but not like I haven't seen this before. Is there really anybody out there who isn't making lists, mental or on paper? I think the more liberating list is the small tasks I want to get done at home, against the big ones I might not have time for. Learning to say no (physicians have a bad habit of over-committing themselves. Getting over the concept that we should be doing everything: FMLA cops for Human Resources, fire-arm cops for FOID, beggars for pharmaceutical prior authorizations, ADHD experts for children in badly run schools, pain managers and narcs in one. We need to learn how to advocate nationally to start a discussion on what physicians can, and cannot, fix. We are afraid to do this because it doesn't match up to our self-concept of all-competent. Maybe, to unionize? And to remember that in a country with free speech, it's OK to rant once in a while. As long as you do not insult or do psychic harm to other citizens.
I did something unique today. Damn the schedule, I sat down with my patient to talk with and look at her. 5 minutes spent interacting with her, without the EHR, was clinically valuable and immensely rewarding. Now that's what I call rebelling.

Leslie @

Leslie, you hit the nail on the head. There needs to be more push back from physicians when it comes to increased administrative burdens from non-clinical entities and the ever present "bean counters" who are trying to squeeze more and more out for their own gain. We should unionize - then strike, and watch what happens. Someone else can go deliver the babies and fix the fractures.

Gary @

Completely agreed!

jonathan @

Would love to see the PDF but it isn't there

Clifford @

Good stuff. Unable to download the PDF

Charles @


Mary @

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