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Sue Jacques

Sue Jacques

Facing a tricky situation at your medical practice? Don't know who to ask for advice? Ask Sue. Click here to submit your conundrum for a reply in an upcoming column. We do not include names of those who submit issues or the name of the practice.

Sue Jacques is The Civility CEO®, a professional speaker, certified etiquette and protocol consultant, and author who helps individuals and businesses gain confidence, earn respect, and create courteous corporate cultures. Before becoming The Civility CEO® Sue performed the medical investigation of thousands of unexpected and violent deaths in her role as a forensic death investigator at the medical examiner's office. She has been speaking, coaching, and writing about professionalism, personal branding, and corporate civility since 2000. www.TheCivilityCEO.com.

Posts by Author

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Patients have many legitimate reasons for recording their doctor's visit. But before you say "yes" make sure to understand state and federal statutes.

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Seven Social Skills They Don't Teach in Medical School

Patients and colleagues benefit from a physician's ability to communicate with confidence. Mastering such skills leads to increased career satisfaction.

Wondering how to handle unexpected drop-ins at work? Worried about romance at work? Let the Civility CEO help.


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