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Value-Based Team

For many physicians, value-based reimbursement has arrived. They are finding to make the transition more effective, it takes a village. Also, the 2015 Physician Compensation Survey reveals how much different specialties bring in on a yearly basis.

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The digital age has brought about a whole new age of medical crowdsourcing. Physicians no longer have to wait for a call back.


A pair of small practices are fully entrenched in the meaningful use journey. Here’s how they’ve succeeded.

There is one way doctors can be more transparent to their patients about their relationships with pharmaceutical companies.


Conversation-practicing simulations is a new method for physicians and providers to improve a critical element of healthcare: communication.

Practices must explore new collection strategies for patients with high-deductible plans that require more financial responsibility.


Your holiday can turn south if you allow employees within your practice to defraud your business. Watch out for these schemes.


When it comes to interoperability, there is a high road and there is a low road. Right now, we’re forcibly getting the low road.

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Physicians Practice Pearls

Do you find your front-desk staff creating extra work for themselves when it comes to patient registration? Here are five ways technology can help.

Good clinical outcomes require strong patient participation. One way to engage your patients is to improve their experience at your practice.

Hiring staff is most likely a common occurrence in your medical practice. Yet, it's also one of the most underrated and undervalued hats that the leaders in your practice wear.

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