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2017 Physician Compensation Survey Results

Who brings in more income: employed physicians or physician practice owners? The results of the annual Physicians Practice Compensation Survey reveal the answer to this question and more.

Plus:  Employed vs. Independent: Doctors Speak Out

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The cost of doing business in healthcare continues to rise as reimbursements continue to drop. How do you keep your staff happy and feel like they are valued?


Every practice has them: disgruntled employees and patients. Here's how to handle their complaints and avoid lawsuits.


Pope Francis asked lawmakers to be sure healthcare laws protect "all," not just the privileged population.


A new resolution from the AMA opposed independent practice by PAs, which is not something the profession is seeking.

Adding too many ancillary services can turn a potential revenue stream into a nightmare for your practice.


New Jersey's policies toward primary care physicians are decimating its ranks and deepening a public health crisis.

There are a few lessons that physicians and other healthcare providers can take away from understanding how the famous band has stayed relevant.

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Physicians Practice Pearls

It's easy to check references, verify clinical skills and training, and see if a physician is in your price range. Cultural fit is harder to ascertain.


Use Excel Pivot Tables and Microsoft SQL Server to enhance the way your practice creates reports from its PM and EHR systems.


Patients want in-demand service. Here are a few ways to provide that to them at your practice.

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