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More than 1,000 physicians were surveyed for the 2015 Great American Physician Survey, Sponsored by Kareo, and revealed that despite a number of challenges, they remain happy. Here are the complete results.

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Even though financial and legislative challenges are making it harder to be a physician, docs tell us they haven't given up.

We surveyed 1,001 physicians as part of our annual Great American Physician Survey, Sponsored by Kareo. This video includes key findings of the survey.

Get full results from the 2015 Great American Physician Survey, Sponsored by Kareo, featuring replies from 1,001 physicians nationwide.

Physicians are experiencing frustration with federal quality care programs that tie patient satisfaction to physician compensation.

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We all know it’s important to insert breathing room into our lives, so why is doing this so hard? It’s important to accept our limits.

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Despite various changes in the healthcare industry, payer negotiations can help your medical practice prosper — if you prepare and leverage your data.


It’s in our nature to want to buy the winners and sell the losers. Successful investing often involves the opposite.

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Achieving the principles and goals of lean management will help your practice make a continued commitment to improving patient care.

Connecting with patients is elementary to the healing process. But how do you know that a touch would be welcome?

As a practice leader, you can have a significant impact on how well your employees adapt to changes at your practice. Here are some guidelines to help.

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