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Stamping Out Burnout

Physicians are increasingly feeling squeezed by outside forces and inner stress. They have been under greater pressure to see more and more patients due to declining payer reimbursements, unfilled physician shortages, and newly insured patients.

Here's how you can fight back.

And: If you are wondering how other healthcare professionals feel about burnout, check out our slideshow of revealing quotes. [Photo credit: @Path Doc]

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Here are a few ways private practices can overcome the onslaught of MACRA and other outside factors that are threatening their existence?


Among the many risks physicians must proactively protect themselves against is the economy itself.

If most doctors got three wishes from a genie, what would they be? This doctor says that he only needs one and it involves red tape.


Dr. Daniel Hoffman lays out the case for being an independent doctor, rather than employed by a health system. What are the benefits?

How to institute vaccine administration codes for patients who are older than 19 years of age. Also, guidance on follow-up codes in electronic billing.

Coding for TCM services should include global periods; dates of service; and correct documentation.

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HHS is giving $100 million to help small practices implement MACRA over five years; Zika relief funding faces hurdles in Congress.

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Coding for TCM services should include global periods; dates of service; and correct documentation.

TCM helps patients transition from the hospital to the community. Many physicians, however, miss deserved reimbursement because they lack documentation.

Every profession has a rhythm. But when you lose pace with that cadence, you can simultaneously lose the passion you once had for your job.

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