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There's no point in switching your EHR if you join an ACO. You have options in connecting to other systems in the group.


Going to your EHR vendor's user group meeting will allow you to learn best practices from other practices your size.

Employing NPs and PAs is becoming more prevalent in the wake of the physician shortage epidemic, here are some ways to utilize these practitioners in a meaningful way.


While one practice built their own EHR to address population health, another solution is accessing information about specialists


Training physicians can be a challenge, but there are many upsides, including real-time patient record updates and physician satisfaction


Can small practices make it in a value-based world? Payers and experienced practices explain how this shift is possible.

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From tools to help report on quality measures to automatic matching of diagnosis codes, practices should speak up to improve EHR usability.


From documenting care in real time to being as specific as possible, there are steps you can take to minimize malpractice risk.


While there are challenges associated with providing patients with EHR access, the benefits make it worth it, according to two experts.


Keeping emotions out of it, having a "Plan B," and being able to walk away are three key skills you need when negotiating.


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