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Averel B. Snyder, MD

Averel B. Snyder, MD

Averel B. Snyder, MD, is co-founder and chief medical officer of Senior Wellness Solutions, which provides innovative technology-based solutions to identify symptoms of early chronic disease and streamline patient care. A board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon, Snyder also has an AMA certification in age management, an ISSA certification in fitness and nutrition, and a USFA certification in senior citizen fitness. E-mail him here.


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For Medicare to survive and to decrease healthcare costs in this country, healthcare delivery needs to change.

Despite many advantages, the AWV is a free service that virtually no one knows about. Don't miss out on clear benefits to patients and your practice.

The AWV not only provides evidence-based preventative services and care coordination, but also identifies high-risk over-utilizers of healthcare.

The Medicare Annual Wellness visit can decrease utilization of unnecessary healthcare services. Here's how.

Here are four top barriers physicians face when considering the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit for their patients and how to overcome them for better outcomes.

Physicians need to realize the benefits of Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and put a plan for the service in place to benefit their patients and their practice.

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is one of the best ways to capture real-time clinical data and thus, assist at-risk health populations.

Primary-care and annual wellness visits are essential to the future of healthcare quality and decreased costs, and third-party providers shouldn't disrupt that.

Medicare's Annual Wellness Visits are a critical element for primary-care physicians to document ICD-9 codes on their Medicare Advantage patients.

It's time for complete cooperation between vendors of hardware and software solutions to increase interoperability with EHRs sooner than later.


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