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Q: When a patient has been admitted and discharged on the same day, can one note support a same day admit/discharge code?

Our practice does internal chart reviews on our physicians for coding accuracy. What do you feel is an appropriate passing score?

Get coding guidance on billing for a family medicine group; patients being seen at a new practice; and more.

Get coding guidance on resident consultation via telephone; discharging patients; antepartum care; and more.

Is there any "primary-care setting" where a resident may bill the office visit without a teaching physician, other than in the primary-care exception?

Q: I have a provider who documents an E&M service in his note and also states that he performed psychotherapy. How should we document the time component?

Question: I've read a lot about cloning in the medical record. How worried do I need to be about my EHR?

Get coding guidance on group visits for asthma, review of care plans, coding for ventilation services, and more.


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