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C. Noel Henley, MD

C. Noel Henley, MD

C. Noel Henley, MD is an orthopedic surgeon and founder of ReachPatients.com. Physicians nationwide subscribe to his free e-mail newsletter where he delivers actionable marketing and practice promotion guidance for success-minded doctors who value their services and their patients. E-mail him here.

Posts by Author

Tech savvy physician C. Noel Henley tells readers why they shouldn't dismiss social media; instead they should explore how others are using it to connect with patients.

Thinking about hiring someone to design or redesign your practice website? You may be shocked by this, but there are some scoundrels out there. Here’s how to avoid them.

Are you marketing your medical practice with video? Don’t start with a blank screen or picking topics at random. Here’s a better way.

Do you have a concise answer to someone asking you what it is you do as a physician? If not, you may be confusing patients and colleagues. Here are a few tips.

Online tools and technology get cheaper and more powerful each year. Here’s how physicians can use screencasts to help patients and add value to their medical practice.

Writing articles that educate patients doesn’t have to be dull and dreary. Here are four ways to make them fun to write and more helpful for patients.

If you’re just getting started on Facebook for your practice, it helps to know what other similar practices are doing online. Here’s how to find out.

It’s time to take a serious look at what Facebook can do to spread the word about your medical practice and provide value to your patients.

Physician online content and even profiles are a click away from being stolen and copied. Here are some strategies to help cope with this disturbing problem.

Social media is a powerful method to promote your medical practice. Here’s a story of how it can go wrong and how to avoid frustration.


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