Carol Stryker

Carol Stryker

Carol Stryker is a principal at Symbiotic Solutions. She helps medical practices increase profits, improve patient satisfaction, and mitigate risk by focusing on how work gets done. More than 20 years of responsibility for aggressive operational improvements has produced a strong preference for effective solutions, implemented quickly. E-mail her here.

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Mid-December is a great time to celebrate the year's successes and focus on what went right vs. what went wrong at your practice.

The point of this exercise is to ensure both an optimal allocation of resources and meaningful progress during the year.

Waste of supplies and time is the biggest threat to net income in any practice. Put your staff's knowledge about how things really work to your advantage.

Adding ancillary services may seem like a good idea. Before you commit, consider the fit with your practice and the total costs.

Frustration goes way down when expectations are explicit and achievable. Frustration with staff provides a good example of the theory.

The most effective response to a promising innovation is a combination of active monitoring, healthy skepticism, and an open mind.

The most common concern raised about medical practice staffing is cost. I would argue that other factors should be looked at first.

When staff members are overloaded, look for simple ways to maximize their productivity. You don't always need to add staff.

Sleuthing out root problems in your practice operations may begin with simply asking "Why?"

Thinking about outsourcing? Here are five situations where it is not a good idea.


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