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Carol Stryker

Carol Stryker

Carol Stryker is a principal at Symbiotic Solutions. She helps medical practices increase profits, improve patient satisfaction, and mitigate risk by focusing on how work gets done. More than 20 years of responsibility for aggressive operational improvements has produced a strong preference for effective solutions, implemented quickly. E-mail her here.

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No matter how good your interview process and technique are, you are not likely to make a good hire without really knowing what it is you want.

It makes good business sense to outsource the billing for most medical practices. That said, the outsourcing must be to a competent billing service.

Squabbling among staff members can not only lead to bad morale, but can sour patients on your practice. Here's how to stop it in its tracks.

When it comes to complex payer rules, the most effective course of action is to consult experts for a thorough review of the rules and consequences.

In order to preserve patient trust, when delays snarl the day's schedule always make sure to acknowledge the problem.

Staff-to-patient communication generally reflects what the staff really believes, and that often reflects poorly on a practice.


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