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Daniel Essin, MA, MD

Daniel Essin, MA, MD

Daniel Essin, MA, MD, FAAP, FCCP, has been a programmer since 1967 and earned his MD in 1974. He has worked at the Los Angeles County and USC Medical Center. His main research interests include electronic medical records and inferential methods of achieving security and confidentiality in healthcare systems.

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The promise of technology in healthcare has yet to be realized and it will take a paradigm shift to get us there.


When it comes to interoperability, there is a high road and there is a low road. Right now, we’re forcibly getting the low road.


The kind of EHR interoperability envisioned by vendors and regulators will never be achieved and is not practical for healthcare.

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It’s up to physicians to make IT work as it should, assisting in the care of a patient. Don’t rely on vendors and government mandates.

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When it comes to improving diagnosis in healthcare, the importance of scientific thinking must be stressed. It doesn’t take magic.

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A continuing discussion on philosophical books which will enhance critical thinking and communication skills — in healthcare and in life.


The study of Semiotics can be used to help us better understand and use technology to its fullest promise, rather than the evils that it may produce.

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In order to thwart the trend of high-cost care for lower quality and improve our health knowledge, we must broaden our critical thinking abilities


The inherent flaws in this doctor’s EHR system has created an ethical dilemma, which he says cannot be solved.

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