David Doyle

David Doyle

David Doyle is the chief executive officer at CRT Medical Systems, a top 100 medical billing company serving clients throughout Michigan and the Midwest. E-mail him here.





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To continue to attract and keep top-quality physician assistants on staff, private medical practices should consider three approaches.

With the future profitability of physician acquisition still up in the air, hospitals will likely slow their approach.

The ICD-10 transition will require practices to spend time and money, but doing so now will keep your practice from having to commit even more time or money after October 1.

Thirty seven states have now passed some version of medical malpractice apology laws. Here's what physicians need to keep in mind.

If Medicare cuts become too cumbersome — independent physicians, employed physicians, and patients will suffer.

If you’re looking to stay independent and interested in integrating with other practices, here are three tips to help you decide whether it is right for you.

Check out this infographic to see why you’re not alone in considering selling your practice, and why selling might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Here are some low- and no-cost ways physicians can reduce wait times and increase patient satisfaction.

Medicare physician reimbursements will be slashed by 24.4 percent on January 1. However, a new push on Capitol Hill could put a stop to it.

Dismissing a patient from your medical practice without taking the proper precautions can raise ethical and legal problems.


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