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David J. Norris, MD

David J. Norris, MD

David J. Norris, MD, MBA, CPE, is an anesthesiologist at Wichita Anesthesiology Chartered in Wichita, Kan., the owner of the Center for Professional Business Development, which aids and educates physicians and other small business owners, as well as a member of the Physicians Practice Physician Advisory Board. He is author of “The Financially Intelligent Physician”

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A physician offers advice on dealing with disappointed patients, offering advice from his real-life experiences.

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Matching people with jobs that utilize their skills and personality is key to keeping them happy at your practice.

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Physicians often look at their relationship with payers through an us vs. them mindset. That's the wrong tract to take says one doc.


Patients really want to be cared for. And it's important to realize that treating them is different than caring for them.

Physicians are not certain what message the certification boards are trying to send about MOC. Transparency would be a good place to start.

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Navigating a change in your practice is a lot like going through turbulence in a plane. What can physicians learn from pilots?

David J. Norris, MD

Burnout is a real issue that every industry faces. Lately, it appears to be growing among physicians. Here's how I work to avoid burnout.

Whether you are dealing with patients or staff, if you work to develop these six leadership characteristics, your effectiveness will increase.


Just like there are ratios that gauge your patients’ health, there are ratios to gauge the financial health of your practice.

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In any negotiation, it's important to consider the needs of the other side. But there's a difference between true altruism and absolute self-sacrifice.


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