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Clinical Data Registries have taken on renewed meaning because of MIPS reporting requirements. What do physicians have to know about them?


Doctors are taking it upon themselves to create new payment models to better align with how they administer care.


Virtual groups are supposed to help small practice physicians participate in MACRA, but questions remain on how that will happen.

HIEs see themselves as an engine to help practices report on MACRA measures, but there are a few drawbacks.

Despite a Republican Congress and White House, experts are skeptical about federal medical tort reform bills becoming law.


Fitbits and other wearables have become more and more popular, but does using this data fall under HIPAA or not?

©Sherry Yates Young/Shutterstock.com

With new technology in medicine, the privacy lines are often blurred. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding HIPAA compliance.

©Karen Roach/Shutterstock.com

The words "repeal and replace" were thrown around during the campaign, but the reality is much more unclear for government officials.


Seven areas of MACRA where practices will likely struggle in the coming years, with advice from experts on how to deal with each one.

©Valeri Potapova/Shutterstock.com

The American Board of Internal Medicine is attempting to salvage the name of MOC. Will physicians buy in?


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