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Dylan Fisher

Dylan Fisher

Dylan Fisher is an Associate Editor at Physicians Practice where he covers the issues affecting private practices on a daily basis. Previously, he was a content specialist at Direct Eats using his writing and social media expertise to grow the brands online footprint. Before Direct Eats, he was a news reporter at the Monadnock Ledger Transcript, publishing articles on health, personal interest, and sports. He can be reached at Dylan.fisher@ubm.com or on Twitter at @DFisher_P2.

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Don't let a lack of communication, EHR misadventures, or failure to be prepared lead to a damaging malpractice suit at your practice.

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The AMA is requesting drug makers be more transparent with pricing so that consumers know the true cost of what they are purchasing.


As PAs get more involved in today's medical practice, readers are split on whether or not this is a good thing.

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For the first time ever, practice owners no longer represent the physician majority, according to a new AMA study.

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Almost three weeks after the bill narrowly passed through the House, the bill's CBO score was made public, drawing criticism.

By using schedule automation, a multi-specialty practice in Mass. is saving time and headaches, while also improving the patient experience.

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The government's involvement in medicine has made it harder for physicians and staff to stay happy. Here's how to keep things upbeat at your practice.


The Department of Justice filed its second lawsuit this month against UnitedHealth, alleging inflated risk adjustment payments.


In our recurring blog "Inbox," we get reader feedback on the future of healthcare reform.


New survey shows difference in pay between male and female docs. CMS announces states now have until 2022 to meet Medicaid standards of care requirements.


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