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Dylan Fisher

Dylan Fisher

Dylan Fisher is an Associate Editor at Physicians Practice where he covers the issues affecting private practices on a daily basis. Previously, he was a content specialist at Direct Eats using his writing and social media expertise to grow the brands online footprint. Before Direct Eats, he was a news reporter at the Monadnock Ledger Transcript, publishing articles on health, personal interest, and sports. He can be reached at Dylan.fisher@ubm.com or on Twitter at @DFisher_P2.

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A recent study found practices lack confidence in EHRs and population health management solutions with regards MIPS and MACRA.

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A new study from MGMA found that non-academic physicians earn significantly more than their academic peers.


Readers weigh-in on how they would change healthcare including removing the government and insurances companies from the picture.


Pope Francis asked lawmakers to be sure healthcare laws protect "all," not just the privileged population.


Health care experts weigh in on the important questions practices need to ask before adding ancillary services.

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Insight into CMS' 2018 MACRA final rule released earlier this week.


Tempers flare as readers weigh-in on possible solutions for the nationwide physician shortage.


On Thursday, 24 Senators reached agreement on a short-term bipartisan legislation bill that would help stabilize health insurance markets.


Practices across the U.S. are missing out on massive cost-cutting opportunities, according to this expert. Here's what you need to know.

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Looking at a profit and loss statement shouldn't ruin your day. Here are some common mistakes to avoid at your practice.


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