Erica Sprey

Erica Sprey

Erica Sprey is associate editor at Physicians Practice. She has worked in the healthcare publishing industry for 12 years, and in clinical and administrative medicine for over 20 years in a variety of settings: as an orthodontic dental assistant in military and civilian graduate residency programs, supply specialist, and scheduling at a mid-sized rheumatology practice. She can be reached at

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Here are eight simple tips from practice management experts to collect more of the money your practice is owed by patients and payers.

Benefits are an important part of employee compensation. But, they also bring value to your practice in terms of attracting and keeping quality staff.

Some of the most valued employee benefits are low cost or free to your practice. Go ahead; ask your staff what they'd really like.

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Giving away your practice's old computer equipment is not the best solution. Here's what you should be aware of, before you pitch it out.

Conducting an internal health IT risk assessment is a HIPAA requirement, and also protects your patients' data. To get started, use this security matrix.

Don't avoid using social media in your medical practice just because of HIPAA fears. Here are eight tips to get it right.

Social media is all about brevity, visual impact, and reaching your target audience. Don't be afraid to be creative.

Creating an online community through social media is great for patient engagement. It also helps your patients learn more about your practice.

Don't avoid social media just because of HIPAA fears. Social networking, done right, can bring multiple benefits to your practice.


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